Granola Bar of Westport

As much as I love making healthy food, I also love going out to eat. After moving to the Stamford (Fairfield County) area, I was so excited about all the amazing restaurants in the area (and I like to think that I did a good job trying out as many as I could).  Although some of the restaurants can get a little expensive, I don’t mind because the quality is amazing. You can tell how freshly cooked the food is, which is so important to me! I also worked in NYC for some time and always visit so of course I have a growing list of places I want to try and places I can’t wait to go back to. I always get asked for restaurant recommendations so I thought I would start sharing them on here. Hope you enjoy!

First up: The Granola Bar!

I recently went here with a friend and this place never disappoints. The menu has so much variety and you can always customize your order so you get exactly what you want (which is great). The decor is simplistic and the staff is always so helpful and nice. If you haven’t been here yet, make sure to put it on your list! I think its the perfect casual brunch/lunch spot. They have locations in Westport and Greenwich….and this summer they will be opening one in Stamford (my town) which I can’t wait for!! Check out their website here.

I highly recommend trying their avocado toast, topped with feta and crushed red peppers, the salmon cakes, the chai latte, the green tea latte, and the Nutella latte.

While it is called, The Granola Bar, I have actually never had the granola there but I have heard nothing but great things about it. Going back to customization, you can create your own granola bowl with exactly the toppings and type of granola you want which is always great. I will probably end up here soon enough so I will make sure to update this post!

For now, here’s some pictures of the food at Granola Bar. And make sure to follow me on Instagram @chef_sham for more pictures!


**Update: I recently became a Brand Ambassador for Granola Bar so I’m excited to see what comes of that.


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